Our Animals

Tia and D.jpg

The Spaniel - Tia

Our family cocker spaniel who just loves to run free in the meadow.  She is great with children and just loves being fussed over and played with.



The Dachshund - Nellie

Our Dachshund has been with the children since she was 8 weeks old and is so relaxed. She gets to play with the children daily.


Chickens Bertha Ethel Doris pass Dot Ber

The Chickens


Our beautiful pekin bantams. These gorgeous girls provide eggs for the children to collect and they love being fed and watered regularly too.  


The Sheep

Our small flock of Shetland sheep just love being looked after by the children.  We also use their fleeces which will be great fun for the children to play with.

Goats Lucy Rosie Ruby Adelaide Bella.jpe

The Goats

We have some lovely cuddly goats for the children to interact with.


The Rabbit

Polly is our big fluffy rabbit who is lovely and just loves being cared for by the children.

Slodge and Badger.jpg

The Guinea Pigs

Slodge, Badger and Mia are our lovely cuddly guinea pigs that just love being around the children.

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