A Day at the Learning Meadow

Always subject to change based on the children and their wants/needs!  Download this information for easy reference

8am – Welcome

We welcome all our families, dropping off their water bottles into the basket and collecting their name pebble on their way to find their peg, then it’s off to the Lodge for breakfast.

8am- 9am – Breakfast in our lodge

We offer a variety of soft fruits, croissants, pancakes, toast, cereal, porridge, scrambled egg to list a small selection of what’s available everyday. We sit together around our big family tables. The children are then energised and ready to start exploring and creating.


9am- Meadow Time!
We will venture out onto the meadow to explore. Children have the opportunity to use natural resources in the environment and their imagination to engage in free play and with our animal friends. We might enjoy listening at story time, scribing our own stories or singing. Our highly qualified staff team spend all this time engaging with the children, recognising teachable moments and extending the children’s learning whilst following their lead.


10.15-10.45 Open Snack
The children help to prepare snack which is available in our shelters when the children are ready. We offer a selection of fresh fruit and vegetables such as carrot sticks, sugar snap peas, apples, banana’s to accompany a savoury selections such as hummus, garlic dips, olives, sundried tomatoes, bread sticks and rice cakes. We give the children a reminder just before we shut snack.


10.45 – 12pm – More Meadow Time

More Meadow exploring, following the children’s lead and ensuring all our animals have been fed and cared for. Literacy and numeracy comes into all our activities such as how many scoops of food, or mud for mud pies made from our delicious mud kitchen recipes!


12pm – 1pm – Warminster School Lunches.

The children all wash hands and sit together with staff to enjoy a hot, 2 course cooked lunch everyday. (menu’s can be found on our website in the parent zone). The children finish lunch, clear and wash their plates and wait for their friends to finish before enjoying a story.


1pm- Collection/drop off

We say goodbye to our friends and welcome new ones in the afternoon.

1:30pm-4:45pm Even More Meadow time!
We venture back out to the meadow for more free play and learning.


3.15 – 3.45 – Afternoon fire pit snack – weather dependant!

Our children all enjoy the experience of cooking on the fire and tasting something they have made such as firepit cookies, boiled eggs on toast or homemade pizza!


4.45pm – 5.30 – Stories, songs and home time.

We enjoy singing, stories and snuggle time in our library until the children are collected.


Rest time.

When the exploring all gets too much we provide buggies and warm blankets in our shelter space where the children can sleep. They are always within sight and sound of our staff and only sleep following their parents instructions.


We offer an early start from 7.45 or a late finish until 5.30. Booking is required.


Then we do it all again the next day – every child enjoys unique experiences shared by our forward thinking staff, everyday, all day.