At the heart of The Learning Meadow is a passion for nurturing through nature, enabling your children to explore, create and discover in our beautiful meadow; with our animal friends. This is further enhanced by our forward thinking staff who are passionate about guiding children to problem solve, risk assess and make choices that enable them to succeed within the beauty of our natural surroundings, whilst enabling them to experience and embrace the beautiful environment, forming lasting treasured memories.

You can see The Learning Meadow in action in our Photo and Video galleries.

We encourage children’s creativity and imagination, to ensure we capture the magic of childhood and give all children the opportunity to reach their full potential in every area of their development. Our highly trained staff are here to enhance our provision and extend children’s learning and thinking at every opportunity, whilst giving children the freedom they deserve to manage their own challenges and risks.

It is essential that young children get frequent and regular opportunities to explore and learn in the outdoor environment and this should not be seen as an optional extra. The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum, which covers children aged birth to the end of the Reception year, became statutory in September 2008 and places strong emphasis on the importance and value of daily outdoor experiences for children’s learning and development, Nature is an invaluable canvas for that learning and children will be encouraged to spend much of their time outside, planting, growing, nurturing, investigating, and exploring.

The ethos of our nursery embraces the experiential learning opportunities that children are exposed to when learning through nature. Daily life here at The Learning Meadow will be child-led and offer countless first-hand experiences of life and growth, with endless opportunities for creativity and imagination; we will spend 80% of our day in the great outdoors. Learning should not be a chore, but an enjoyable worthwhile occupation, because this will promote a lifelong positive attitude to learning.


The Learning Meadow will expose children from 2 – 5 years old to not only learn through nature, but through a cycle of sustainable projects. For example, we will work with local farmers and the children will grow, cook on the fire pit and eat the fresh vegetables. We promote a healthy environment through growing our own fruit and vegetables. We will work closely with local businesses to supply us with groceries such as milk and fruit that the children will enjoy for their snacks. The well-being and holistic development of all children will be at the centre of our practice


There are sheltered areas around the meadow such as the stable, the purpose built shelters and our lovely lodge. We hope that partnerships with parents and carers will become a key part of life here at The Learning Meadow, with the lodge becoming a community area shared by all.


We very much look forward to meeting you and your children.

The Learning Meadow,Crockerton
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I wanted to say that I bought my copy of the Lorax home from work today and whilst rooting through "mummy's pile of books from work" J found it and listened whilst I read her the whole book. She said "Louise read it at nursery.  It's one of my favourites". Then this evening J spent twenty minutes telling me the story of How to Grow a Dinosaur. Which she then told me that Claire read.

You are really capturing her imagination”.

Satisfied Parent

Great Staff, Great Settings will be an excellent place for children to develop and grow in a natural environment

Wayne Ovenden