Pricing and Sessions

The following costs include additional services that are above and beyond the standard EYFS statutory requirements.  For example, the children will enjoy gardening and planting, outdoor cooking, animal activities, foresting activities and local outdoor trips. 

A full breakfast, 2 course cooked lunch, drinks, snacks and consumables such as wipes are also included in our fees below.  Please note for funded children these additional services are charged for.  Please see the chart below for details. 

We accept 15/30 hour and 2 years funding. No hot lunch is provided if you are just attending the afternoon sessions  

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Non-funded session options (min 2 sessions per week. A session is a half day) & The Meadow Rangers Holiday Club fees.  Additional services included in these rates.  (scroll down for funded session options). 

Additional services costs per session:

Morning: Breakfast, 2 course hot lunch, snack, drinks, consumables, trips, activities: £11.00. 

Afternoon: Snack, drinks, consumables, trips and activities: £5.00.

Full Day: Breakfast, 2 course hot lunch, snacks, drinks, consumables, trips and activities: £16.00.

Funded Sessions: minimum of 3 sessions a week (a session is a half day) for all 3-5 year olds from the term after they are 3. Below are examples of how funded sessions could be used:

Please speak to Dawn if you would like to discuss different options or are interested in 2 year olds funding 

You can also download a copy of our fee structure here